TheCode Blue Story

The Code Blue Charitable Foundation was founded in 2006 to fund innovative projects that promote protection, restoration and resilience of critical ocean and watershed ecosystems. We support science, exploration, and media communications to drive support for protection of these ecosystems critical to human survival. We also work to reduce harmful green house gases driving climate instability and ocean acidification, while protecting watersheds and ocean ecosystems, like mangrove forests, which sequester carbon. Now more than ever awareness of our dependence on these natural planetary systems is urgently needed to chart a path toward a healthy and abundant future for mankind, and all life on our blue planet.

Shari Sant Plummer

In addition to her role as President of Code Blue Foundation, Shari is also Secretary/Trustee of the Summit Charitable Foundation, Vice President/Trustee of Seacology, Board Chair of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), and Trustee and Co Chair of the Executive Committee of the Sylvia Earle Alliance/Mission Blue. Shari is also a member of the BLUE Ocean Film Festival Advisory Board, World Wildlife Fund’s National Council, WWF Marine Leadership Committee, and Smithsonian Ocean Initiative Advisory Council. As a filmmaker Shari has worked on many environmental films including Strange Days on Planet Earth and The Big Fix, and she is an Executive Producer of “Mission Blue” on Netflix.

A graduate of NYU, Shari worked as Design Director and Senior Stylist for Ralph Lauren in New York for nine years before moving to San Francisco to be Esprit’s Visual Director. She later founded the environmental fashion and home furnishings store Worldware in San Francisco in 1994, one of the first cutting edge lifestyle stores with an environmental focus. She sold the business in 2001 to devote herself full-time to her conservation work. Shari also studied advanced photography at International Center of Photography in NY, and has a Producing Certification from UCLA Film School.

An avid diver and ocean activist, Shari travels extensively throughout the world promoting ocean conservation and environmental awareness.

Daniel Lee Plummer

Dan is the Vice President of the Code Blue Foundation, Trustee of the Summit Charitable Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Friends of the Upper Delaware River, and serves as board member of The Wild Salmon Center and Trout Unlimited.

Growing up in Elmira, New York, Dan was introduced to the natural world at an early age by his parents; both were great outdoors enthusiasts, and true self-taught naturalists.

Dan moved to Southern California in 1979 where he attended Santa Monica College, and worked for ABC Sports covering events like Monday Night Football, and the 1984 Summer Olympics. He then became a General Contractor, starting Plummer Construction. Dan worked for Polo/ Ralph Lauren Creative Services in New York for five years, and on Ralph’s RRL Ranch near Telluride, Colorado. He was also the general contractor on “This Old House” in San Francisco, and later built his first sustainable home in Mill Valley.

His love of nature and rivers in particular led him back to the Catskill Mountains where he hunted and fished as a boy. An avid fly fisherman, he spends as much time as he can there, and is dedicated to the restoration and conservation of the Upper Delaware River, which he thinks one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Dan and Shari split their time between Malibu, California and the Catskills in NY with their two yellow labs, Cooper and Brodie.