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A splash of thanks to Salish Sea Hope Spot Partners @PnwProtectors for sharing this video of 'Blackberry,' part of… 17 54 @MissionBlue
RT @codemarmx: #NuevaFotoDePerfil | Mobulas en el Mar de Cortés. Baja California Sur.

• Por: Jorge Cervera (@jorge_c_hauser )
10 0 @MissionBlue
RT @MigraMar: ✨ La conectividad que existe entre Galápagos e Isla del Coco no deja de sorprendernos. Por primera vez se registra a una hem… 28 0 @MissionBlue
RT @SylviaEarle: We are seeing a diminished planet – I'm a witness in my lifetime – but it’s not too late, armed with knowledge, to reverse… 232 0 @MissionBlue
Blue Carbon: what is it and why is it important for you? Dive into this key topic to learn more! 7 20 @MissionBlue
RT @OceanElders: DIVE IN welcomes accomplished ocean explorer,
adventurer and naturalist, Tim Taylor.

5 0 @MissionBlue
Dr. @SylviaEarle sat down with @guardian to discuss challenges to ocean health, human impacts, and reasons for hope… 53 128 @MissionBlue
RT @max_bello_m: Panamá creó una reserva marina casi tan grande como su territorio 17 0 @MissionBlue
RT @MigraMar: ¡Tenemos buenas noticias!
Por primera vez, se documentó un tiburón tigre viajando entre Galápagos e Isla del Coco. Está espe…
46 0 @MissionBlue
The tiger shark is one of six recorded migratory species to move within the Cocos-Galápagos Swimway Hope Spot, high… 26 84 @MissionBlue
Diving into the week with some fin-tastic news! ✨ For the first time, a tiger shark was documented traveling betwe… 30 116 @MissionBlue
Saturday June 19 at Hancock Firemans Field - 10am-1pm! Please join FUDR to learn more about how to control knotweed… 1 5 @UpperDelaware
RT @nylcv: Thank you @UpperDelaware for spreading the word about the impacts of invasive species like Japanese Knotweed in the #DelawareRiv… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
HAPPY WORLD OCEANS DAY! Tune in to an ALL DAY live stream celebrating our oceans and diving into this year's theme… 1 5 @ChasingCoral
RT @delawarecurrent: Sorry if the rain has spoiled your river plans but take a ride with me on a sunny day on a drift boat down the Upper D… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @noaaocean: This week for #30DaysofOcean we're featuring facts about ocean health & safety. Listen to this #podcast to find out all abou… 18 0 @ChasingCoral
This year's Delaware River Sojourn theme is Focus on Fish, and it starts in Hancock! FUDR is co-hosting a cleanup o… 1 2 @UpperDelaware
A more equitable climate & environmental movement must include the voices of Asian-American & Pacific Islanders. Jo… 3 7 @ChasingCoral
RT @ourcityRTTC: ✨It’s TODAY✨ There's no climate justice without racial justice — that's why Black leadership in the global climate movemen… 25 0 @ChasingCoral
🌎Earth Week Day 5🌏
Bringing it back to the ocean💙 @onlyone has put together two series highlighting Black leaders i…
1 11 @ChasingCoral
RT @TheElders: “It's vital we strengthen climate ambition and action. Every generation has a role to play," says Mary Robinson to mark the… 31 0 @ChasingCoral
You don’t have to be at an organized event to do something good for local waterways and nature this #EarthDay. Ther… 3 10 @UpperDelaware
RT @nylcv: Calling the #DelawareRiver one of our crown jewels, @repdelgado announced the formation of the Congressional #DelawareRiverWater… 2 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @DelRivCoalition: Get to know your watershed! The latest Delaware River Deep Dive is out now. Check out stories, events, and news from a… 2 0 @UpperDelaware
FUDR & our conservation partners organized a press conference in Callicoon, NY earlier this week where NY Congressm… 2 5 @UpperDelaware
RT @5gyres: The bill, being introduced by @SenatorTomUdall & @RepLowenthal, is one of the most aggressive attempts to hold the plastics ind… 4 0 @sharisant
RT @VulcanFilms: Do you know who catches your seafood? See how overfishing and human rights intersect in the exclusive new teaser for #Ghos… 68 0 @sharisant
Our house is in this video! The fire is on the hills behind us! 1 3 @sharisant

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