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Deep, dark, and full of life. It was initially thought that deep sea environments, at depths greater than 650 feet,… 7 19 @MissionBlue
RT @OceanElders: In 1970 Dr. @SylviaEarle, Alina Szmant, Renate True, Ann Hartline, & Peggy Ann Lucas spent 14 days as aquanauts living & w… 15 0 @MissionBlue
RT @pewenvironment: Promising: “UN member countries are close to finalizing a treaty that would bring much-needed protections to the high s… 19 0 @MissionBlue
RT @OceanElders: Register now for Thursday's Town Hall April 9 @ 3PM PST/ 6PM EST
Join us for a unique cross-generational conversation with…
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RT @LoveTheOceans: **Mads St Clair Baker is our guest on this Thursday Night's Live Q&A! Submit your questions for her in the comments!**… 2 0 @MissionBlue
In case you've lost track of the days, today is #WhaleWednesday. 💙🐳

Photo by Fernando Gutierrez
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RT @Sharks4Kids: Our Apr 6-10 #shark webinars are now available!

For more info, links to join and previously recorded sessions

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RT @ROLEX: #OTD a decade ago, @MissionBlue was launched by pioneering marine biologist @SylviaEarle. We take great pride in helping the ini… 37 0 @MissionBlue
“I’m not sure I have the fortitude to do this again,” says coral reef specialist who has worked on the Great Barrie… 10 17 @ChasingCoral
RT @SylviaEarle: We have to make peace with nature and peace with the ocean as the underpinnings of peace among ourselves.… 178 0 @MissionBlue
Seal or sea lion? Technically, a fur seal is neither! Although they are more closely related to sea lions than seal… 14 75 @MissionBlue
Feeling restless? Grist has got your back, with 14 easy lifestyle hacks and projects to make your home more eco-fri… 0 4 @ChasingCoral
“Intersecting crises will be a feature of our times,” Ms. O’Connor said. “We can’t let one stop action on the other… 0 2 @ChasingCoral
RT @nytimes: Here are a dozen movies currently streaming on Netflix that are worth your time 112 0 @ChasingCoral
Not all animals have the luxury of quick adaptions, but we humans do! @xiyebastida is leading by example, urging us… 0 1 @ChasingCoral
RT @WeschkeE: Very worrying early stages of #coralbleaching at Lizard Island due to above average sea temperatures north Great Barrier Reef… 13 0 @ChasingCoral
RT @soccerotter: AP Env Sci students participated in a @NatBioTeach webinar with @coral_buff, videographer for @ChasingCoral. They were thr… 2 0 @ChasingCoral
RT @HannahMatt8: Was really impressed with the @ChasingCoral movie we watched with @SustainSimpco. It is disturbing to think that because c… 1 0 @ChasingCoral
RT @guertin: It's 40 Days until #EarthDay celebrates 50 years. On this #ClimateFriday I'm giving a shout-out to an amazing documentary that… 1 0 @ChasingCoral
RT @repdelgado: Always great to see my friend Jeff Skelding, Executive Director of the @UpperDelaware and leadership from the @DelRivCoalit… 5 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @DelRivCoalition: Thank you for meeting with us today in Washington D.C. for #CDRWhillday @repdelgado and for your leadership in the Upp… 3 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @DelRivCoalition: With our allies @UpperDelaware @mountainkeeper @nylcv and the Upper Delaware Council, we met with @SenatorMetzger toda… 4 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @5gyres: The bill, being introduced by @SenatorTomUdall & @RepLowenthal, is one of the most aggressive attempts to hold the plastics ind… 5 0 @sharisant
RT @DelRivCoalition: A plastic bottle can take over 500 years to decompose. In the meantime it could sit in the #DelawareRiver, clogging an… 4 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @DelRivCoalition: Single-use plastics, the Delaware Bay salt front, watershed-wide planning, the Wild & Scenic River Program, and more f… 2 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @VulcanFilms: Do you know who catches your seafood? See how overfishing and human rights intersect in the exclusive new teaser for #Ghos… 74 0 @sharisant
Our house is in this video! The fire is on the hills behind us! 1 3 @sharisant

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