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RT @SylviaEarle: The ocean matters. If the sea is sick, we'll feel it. If it dies, we die. Our future and the state of the ocean are one. h… 546 0 @MissionBlue
#GivingTuesday Please consider a tax deductible financial gift in 2020 to help FUDR continue to fight hard every da… 0 4 @UpperDelaware
This #GivingTuesday , sign up to show your support for Mission Blue all year long by becoming a monthly recurring d… 11 58 @MissionBlue
Happy #BlackinMarineScienceWeek ! Check out their social channels to keep up with all the awesome events they've p… 0 4 @ChasingCoral
Mark your calendar! The next Blue Hope Roundtable is Dec 17 at 10am PST. Register for free:… 14 42 @MissionBlue
"I love diving at night; you see a lot of fish then that you don't see in the daytime." @SylviaEarle 🐟🐠🐡

Photo by…
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RT @ElinorWonders: A pioneer in the world of science and oceanography, @SylviaEarle has dedicated her life to protecting ocean wildlife and… 23 0 @MissionBlue
Juvenile tiger sharks have dark stripes that fade as they get older. These distinctive markings give tiger sharks t… 56 359 @MissionBlue
Kelp forests can be found in cold, nutrient rich waters. They are usually found at depths shallower than 150 feet a… 36 220 @MissionBlue
Belugas have earned the nickname 'canaries of the sea' for their musical vocalizations. 🎶

Photo by NOAA/NMFS/Natio…
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Today, we are thankful for you, our Mission Blue community. Thank you for helping us protect the blue heart of the… 21 139 @MissionBlue
“Daily gratitude is a fountain of blessings.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita
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The Revillagigedo Archipelago National Park was established 3 years ago. 🎉💙🌊 This Hope Spot supports a vast array o… 21 140 @MissionBlue
RT @PelagiosKakunja: ¡Hace 3 años se creó el PN #Revillagigedo 😀! Los movimientos de tiburones punta plateada y otras especies ayudaron a d… 10 0 @MissionBlue
Did we just become best friends? Anemonefish are a common example of symbiosis between an animal and an anemone, bu… 59 361 @MissionBlue
@ExposureLabs and @YEAimpact are excited to announce the launch of the #CanYouHearUs campaign, designed to empower… 0 1 @ChasingCoral
On #AmericaRecyclesDay ♻️consider how the plastic you toss today could end up in our rivers, streams, and ocean for… 1 3 @UpperDelaware
We Need Your Help to Protect the Upper Delaware River! - 5 5 @UpperDelaware
RT @COP26_Coalition: TODAY IS THE DAY 🥳

We're kicking off 'From The Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice' 🌍 Hope you're as exc…
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Science is here to present us with the facts we need to understand the intricate world we live in. Facts don’t have… 0 10 @ChasingCoral
Thanks to the work of many of our partners, NJ just passed the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act! Getting this bill s… 0 1 @UpperDelaware
Wildlife needs unspoiled spaces with access to food, water, shelter, and places to raise their young. Protecting th… 0 3 @UpperDelaware
Consider becoming an FUDR member - we can't do our work without your support! 2020 Special: New and Renewing Membe… 1 2 @UpperDelaware
RT @DelRivCoalition: @UpperDelaware's "Water Water Everywhere" virtual conference on October 14 will provide updates on recent developments… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
Today is the Global Day of Climate Action for Climate Justice. Check out to see how you can… 2 9 @ChasingCoral
Tune in at 10:30 PT/1:30 ET today if you want to learn more about climate justice and the role of technology in int… 0 2 @ChasingCoral
RT @5gyres: The bill, being introduced by @SenatorTomUdall & @RepLowenthal, is one of the most aggressive attempts to hold the plastics ind… 5 0 @sharisant
RT @VulcanFilms: Do you know who catches your seafood? See how overfishing and human rights intersect in the exclusive new teaser for #Ghos… 69 0 @sharisant
Our house is in this video! The fire is on the hills behind us! 1 3 @sharisant

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