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Tonight, join Hope Spot Champions from around the world for the 2nd webinar of the 'We are HOPE SPOTS: Connecting W… 3 22 @MissionBlue
You're krillin' me, Smalls! Antarctic krill is an integral part of the food web in the Southern Ocean. From our par… 18 82 @MissionBlue
"The ocean is a big blue magnet that pulls together people who care." @SylviaEarle />
Photo by TJ Fitzsimmons
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RT @pewenvironment: The Southern Ocean:
Vital to the health of the planet.
Vital to all of us.
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Join us in calling on #CCAMLR to protect Antarctica by designating three large MPAs in the Southern Ocean. Sign the… 18 55 @MissionBlue
@kathy38b @mongabay Best fishes for a happy birthday, and thank you so much for your support! 🌊✨🐟🐠 0 0 @MissionBlue
RT @OceanElders: DIVE IN welcomes Dr. Dee Boersma, conservation biologist and Director of the Magellanic Penguin Project
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The first complete, global map of shallow tropical coral reefs is here!

via @mongabay
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In partnership with @MissionBlue, this solution-focused edition reports on the global efforts to tackle #ma…
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RT @pewenvironment: Fact: The climate-warming carbon that krill store in the deep ocean is equal to that produced by 35 million cars every… 23 0 @MissionBlue
Hot off the press! We partnered with @ecoMagNews for a special edition on Marine Pollution, including a feature art… 2 24 @MissionBlue
RT @SylviaEarle: You can't address climate change without taking care of the ocean. 351 0 @MissionBlue
RT @delawarecurrent: Peter Kolesar to get 2021 Lee Wulff Conservation Award from the Catskill Fly-Fishing Center & Museum @UpperDelaware h… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Holmes @WoodwellClimate "Science on the Fly" looking for long-term data collection and analysis from anglers. #FUDRWWE… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Science on the Fly @WoodwellClimate Allie Cunningham citizen science takes samples freeze them and ship them to Woodw… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Holmes @WoodwellClimate early days but some data are coming in to direct restorative action. #FUDRWWE2021 @DelRivCoali… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Max Holmes acting pres of @woodwellclimate formerly Wood's Hole looking to link up "big picture" world view of climate… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Aileen Gunther, NYS Assemblywoman, @AileenMGunther if we want $$$ "gotta beg a lot, and I'm good at begging." Two pron… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Erin McGrath expert in navigating Albany's politics @aududonsociety What $$ can #upperdelaware bring home from Albany.… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: McGrath: @audubonsociety @AudubonNY bringing pressure to bear on legislators, so in the elections, need to make legisl… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
A recent study from @PriceofOil & @IENearth shows that indigenous activism has prevented 1.5 billion tons of GHGs f… 4 7 @ChasingCoral
@jefforlowski spoke on #ClimateWeekNYC's Communicating Climate Change event this week, head to their Facebook to li… 0 1 @ChasingCoral
Check out the Hollywood Climate Summit starting tomorrow! Director and founder Jeff Orlowski will be on Sunday's (9… 2 3 @ChasingCoral
@jefforlowski is speaking on the #HollywoodClimateSummit's Pathways to Action panel this Sunday the 26th! The summi… 0 1 @ChasingCoral
@jefforlowski will be speaking on the #HollywoodClimateSummit's Pathways to Action panel this Sunday the 26th! Che… 0 3 @ChasingCoral
There is no safe way to mine the deep ocean, Elizabeth Kolbert brilliantly explains in this article.
The Deep Sea I…
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RT @5gyres: The bill, being introduced by @SenatorTomUdall & @RepLowenthal, is one of the most aggressive attempts to hold the plastics ind… 4 0 @sharisant
RT @VulcanFilms: Do you know who catches your seafood? See how overfishing and human rights intersect in the exclusive new teaser for #Ghos… 68 0 @sharisant

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