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Our partner @earthxorg has a new series about the 5-year Global Reef Expedition. Dive in with @LivingOceansFdn and… 5 23 @MissionBlue
"I am driven by what I know; that the world I love is in trouble. If I seem like a radical it’s because I have seen… 26 131 @MissionBlue
Great news to kick off the weekend! Members of the @IUCN World Conservation Congress voted to support a moratorium… 49 221 @MissionBlue
RT @OceanElders: #ICYMI: Yesterday's DIVE IN with @deepseadawn, American geographer, oceanographer & leading authority in the application o… 12 0 @MissionBlue
@jefforlowski spoke on #ClimateWeekNYC's Communicating Climate Change event this week, head to their Facebook to li… 0 1 @ChasingCoral
Beautiful Goliath groupers are threatened again by a potential limited harvest. Keep these charismatic fish safe fr… 8 25 @MissionBlue
“The Goliath grouper is one of my favorite fish. They are more valuable alive than dead. @myFWC, please do not reop… 31 224 @MissionBlue
The Sargasso Sea Hope Spot is the only sea that does not have a coastline. Its name comes from “floating reefs” of… 44 206 @MissionBlue
Check out the Hollywood Climate Summit starting tomorrow! Director and founder Jeff Orlowski will be on Sunday's (9… 1 2 @ChasingCoral
@jefforlowski is speaking on the #HollywoodClimateSummit's Pathways to Action panel this Sunday the 26th! The summi… 0 1 @ChasingCoral
"We need to match our fascination of the skies above this amazing planet with the life that it holds, right here on… 45 261 @MissionBlue
The Balearic Islands Hope Spot is home to beautiful Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows between Ibiza and Formenter… 36 191 @MissionBlue
RT @LivingOceansFdn: The second episode of #OurLivingOceans: Reefs & Mapping is now streaming on #EarthxTV!

Watch it here, or download th…
7 0 @MissionBlue
RT @LivingOceansFdn: A few weeks ago we annoucened the completion of the #GlobalReefExpedition at the #IUCNcongress. It's great to see inte… 6 0 @MissionBlue
@jefforlowski will be speaking on the #HollywoodClimateSummit's Pathways to Action panel this Sunday the 26th! Che… 0 3 @ChasingCoral
@jefforlowski will be speaking on the #HollywoodClimateSummit's Pathways to Action panel this Sunday, September 26t… 0 0 @ChasingCoral
Give this article a read to learn how similar siphonophores are in physiology AND necessity to us and our oceans!… 1 3 @ChasingCoral
It's #ClimateWeek in the US and @HipHopCaucus has compiled some awesome action items to demand climate justice each… 3 3 @ChasingCoral
Restored reefs definitely make for a happy Friday! 4 16 @ChasingCoral
RT @delawarecurrent: Sen. Martucci ( NY - 42) It’s time for this region and this river to get its fair share. ( loud applause!) @MikeMartuc… 2 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Sen Martucci (NY - 42) pledging to get recurring $$$ from the Environmental Protection Fund for the #upperdelawarerive… 3 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Most of the 2021 #upperdelawarerivercouncil award winners. Their achievements were celebrated by 135 people at the Cen… 2 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: Kathleen Christie, Steve Schwartz (@UpperDelaware), ( winner of Recreation Achievement Award for Friends of the Upper… 1 0 @UpperDelaware
Our online auction is going live 9/13! It's our most important fundraiser and we hope you consider a generous bid o… 0 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @delawarecurrent: I am thrilled to share in the honors presented tonight by @PennFuture to all these accomplished women who come from su… 2 0 @UpperDelaware
Yesterday was #MangroveDay, a day to celebrate a crucial & threatened ecosystem that protects our oceans & coastal… 1 6 @ChasingCoral
There is no safe way to mine the deep ocean, Elizabeth Kolbert brilliantly explains in this article.
The Deep Sea I…
0 0 @sharisant
RT @5gyres: The bill, being introduced by @SenatorTomUdall & @RepLowenthal, is one of the most aggressive attempts to hold the plastics ind… 4 0 @sharisant
RT @VulcanFilms: Do you know who catches your seafood? See how overfishing and human rights intersect in the exclusive new teaser for #Ghos… 68 0 @sharisant

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