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RT @SylviaEarle: The bottom line answer to the question about why biodiversity matters is fairly simple: the rest of the living world can g… 315 0 @MissionBlue
"We’re all dependent on the ocean, even if you’ve never seen the ocean or thought about the ocean, the ocean keeps… 48 137 @MissionBlue
RT @pewenvironment: Even in the Galapagos, there are areas yet uncovered.

Greater protections, from surface to seabed, will help safeguard…
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Learn about the importance of protecting wildlife, especially ocean wildlife, with @SylviaEarle's speech for… 19 52 @MissionBlue
RT @NoExtinctions: Migratory marine species rely on the safety and protection of the Galapagos Marine Reserve, but just outside this bounda… 8 0 @MissionBlue
RT @ayanaeliza: We did it. Dreams become things, y’all. 💭...📖!

Announcing: @ALLWECANSAVE, an anthology of wisdom from women climate leader…
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The Golfo Dulce Hope Spot was announced in February 2019 in support of establishing official protection from the Co… 15 59 @MissionBlue
Hope Spot Champions Ilena Zanella and Andres Lopez are marine biologists and founders of @MisionTiburon, a conserva… 2 8 @MissionBlue
RT @SeaTurtles_org: Whale Shark Migrating from Galapagos Island to Cocos Island Documented for First Time 25 0 @MissionBlue
Black oystercatchers can be found along the rocky shorelines of western North America. These striking seabirds fora… 23 74 @MissionBlue
Ocean artist & philanthropist @Wyland, known as the Marine Michelangelo, joins hosts Liz Taylor &…
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We are all hands on deck to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030. Will you join us?

Photo by…
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Great news for the Exmouth Gulf and Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area Hope Spot! A proposal to provide access for… 27 128 @MissionBlue
We want to relay a giant thank you to everyone who helped pull all of these tires out of the river at the 4th annua… 0 4 @UpperDelaware
RT @repdelgado: At this year’s @DelRivCoalition 8th Annual Delaware Watershed Forum, I joined @UpperDelaware Executive Director Jeff Skeldi… 6 0 @UpperDelaware
The Social Dilemma is out now! What happens online has the power to dictate life offline, and tackling… 2 10 @ChasingCoral
FUDR and TU, in partnership with NYSDEC & PAFBC, are working with Trutta Environmental Solutions on a project that… 0 1 @UpperDelaware
A major percentage of our heat and emissions are absorbed by the oceans. How good do you think you are at shrinkin… 3 4 @ChasingCoral
From our production company, @ExposureLabs, comes a new film: The Social Dilemma. Watch the trailer below! 1 5 @ChasingCoral
RT @ExposureLabs: We’re hiring an Impact Producer for the Can You Hear Us? campaign, launching in conjunction with the film "I Am Greta". T… 9 0 @ChasingCoral
It's Earth Overshoot Day, when we have now used up all of the resources our planet can renew in 1 year. While the… 5 12 @ChasingCoral
RT @DelRivCoalition: Coalition member @americanrivers has prepared this virtual tour that introduces you to parts of the #DelRiverWatershed… 4 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @MothersInvent: Have you listened to Series 3 Episode 1 yet?

We covered:
💚The power of female leadership
🌍COVID in Indigenous communit…
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RT @DelRivCoalition: There are steps that outdoor #recreation and environmental organizations can take to have their programs and activitie… 3 0 @UpperDelaware
RT @DelRivCoalition: We're hosting the 8th Annual #DelRiverWatershed Forum online this year - so you can attend no matter where you live. T… 5 0 @UpperDelaware
If you're interested in the power of film to create change, we've got just the thing for you! 2 16 @ChasingCoral
RT @5gyres: The bill, being introduced by @SenatorTomUdall & @RepLowenthal, is one of the most aggressive attempts to hold the plastics ind… 5 0 @sharisant
RT @VulcanFilms: Do you know who catches your seafood? See how overfishing and human rights intersect in the exclusive new teaser for #Ghos… 71 0 @sharisant
Our house is in this video! The fire is on the hills behind us! 1 3 @sharisant

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