Code Blue Foundation is a private charitable foundation supporting innovative projects that promote protection, restoration and resilience of critical ocean and watershed ecosystems. We also support media projects which raise awareness of the importance of these essential natural systems which support all life on the planet.

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Ocean Conservation

We focus on marine projects that offer sustainable solutions and long term results.

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Conservation Media

We support film makers, photographers, and museums that promote conservation awareness.


Watershed and Fisheries Projects

We support programs that build coalitions for sustainable fisheries and river ecosystems.



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Code Blue & The Sylvia Earle Alliance

Code Blue Foundation supports the work of Dr. Sylvia Earle and Mission Blue, a global initiative of the Sylvia Earle Alliance. Mission Blue was formed in response to Sylvia Earle’s 2009 TED Prize wish for people “to use all means at your disposal — films, expeditions, the web, new submarines — to create a campaign to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas; Hope Spots large enough to save and restore the blue heart of the planet.”



Mission Blue: An Original Netflix Documentary
about the life and work of Sylvia Earle.
Watch the Trailer